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Huawei Cloud

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What is Huawei Cloud?

Cloud computing is the use of hardware and software components in an off-premises location to deliver a service to a network. Users can access files and applications from any device that can access the internet.

  • Cloud providers can pull the computing resources to provide services to multiple customers with the help of a multi-tenant model
  • Cloud computing proves an on-demand self-service, which helps administrators monitor performance
  • Servers are maintained easily and there is nearly zero downtime
  • Users can access cloud data and upload it on the cloud from any device with a solid internet connection
  • Cloud environments can be modified according to the user's requirements and is easily accessible
  • Clouds are highly secure, making data breaches more unlikely
  • Migrating to the cloud eliminates the need to buy on-premises infrastructure
  • It offers pay-as-you-go pricing, meaning you only pay for the resources you use

Why Huawei Cloud for your Business

Pricing of the Services Provided by Huawei Cloud

When compared to its competitors like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform has better pricing because you pay only for what you use and not more. Instead of monthly general payments for its services, Huawei Cloud charges at the level of seconds and minutes with a 10-minute minimum charge so that you do not waste any money. Hence using Huawei Cloud will be cost-effective for your business.

Investment optimisation

When it comes to investment, cloud services have many benefits: not only are they based on consumption models, that is, the client only pays for the resources consumed, but they also do not have any initial costs (CapEx), there’s no need to buy or manage expensive infrastructure and, finally, you only pay for additional resources when you need them – when they are no longer need, they can be deleted. All these benefits translate into cost optimisation: in fact, Microsoft Azure displays the prices of individual resources and services so that companies can predict their investment for a given period of time-based on their estimated usage.

1. Outstanding Availability and Uptime

A massive advantage in choosing Google Cloud hosting solutions is their commitment to achieving uptime upwards of 99.99%. This is reflected in their Compute Engine Service Level Agreement (SLA), where any dip below a monthly uptime of 99.99% will result in financial credit.

2. Live Migration of Virtual Machines

Another huge advantage of Google Cloud hosting, especially here at Kinsta, is the live migration of virtual machines (VMs). This allows us as a hosting provider to maintain the availability of your website — with no noticeable degradation in performance — when live-migrating VMs between host machines.

3. Free Uptime Monitoring

Another advantage of Google cloud hosting is the operations suite, which allows you to monitor the performance of your platform and applications. Creating uptime checks and alerting policies is a simple process. It’s also completely free to monitor your Google infrastructure

4. Unrivalled Throughput

Throughput is the rate at which data processes and transfers between two locations. In networking, it is used to measure the performance — meaning speed — of VMs and hard drives along with internet and network connections. In short, your website will take longer to load, especially in peak traffic situations.

A major advantage of choosing Google Cloud hosting is the platform’s unrivaled network throughput. A recent comparison of the top 3 cloud providers showed Google Cloud VMs have nearly 3x the network throughput of their AWS and Azure counterparts. Google’s bottom-performing network throughput machine performed 65% and 105% better than AWS’ and Azure’s top-performing machines.

5.Performance Optimization With Network Service Tiers

A key benefit of Google cloud hosting is the opportunity to optimize your network for performance or price through a choice of Network Service Tiers.

6.Continued Dedication to Network Expansion

Despite already offering planet-scale infrastructure, Google remains committed to growing and improving its global network. They focus on expanding into new regions and countries to produce more network edge locations.

7.Ease of Setup

All Google Cloud’s click-to-deploy hosting solutions are customizable. So, once you’re up and running your day-one deployment, you can come back at a later time to adjust and further optimize the solution.

8.Amazing Support Service

The support available from Google is undoubtedly one of the main advantages of Google Cloud hosting. T

9.State-of-the-Art Security

Security is a primary concern for any business. When choosing the Google Cloud Platform, you benefit from a security model developed over 15 years of continuous improvement through innovation. The same system secures their top products, including Gmail and Google Search.